We recommend that system drive be approximately 350 MB in size. I was researching just that: if Microsoft Surface "Pro" 6 has BitLocker encryption. Lorsqu'un lecteur amovible protégé par BitLocker est déverrouillé sur un ordinateur exécutant Windows 7, le lecteur est automatiquement reconnu et l'utilisateur est invité à entrer ses informations d'identification ou le lecteur est automatiquement déverrouillé s'il est configuré de la sorte. ... To turn on BitLocker To Go on a removable drive do the following: So how do you enable TPM+PIN on your Surface Pro 3? However, some people have been complaining BitLocker encryption issues on Surface and looking for some easy ways to turn off BitLocker on Surface. If I do the same on a Windows 10 PC (Surface Pro), during the Bitlocker wizard the only options I have are to use a USB drive or unlock automatically - the password/PIN option never presents. There are four solutions to pass Surface Bitlocker recovery screen or loop: Solution 1: Enter the recovery key. Surface Pro 2 - Bitlocker - How to Reset Hi. Even Bitlocker can be set with Password only when the device doesn’t have a TPM chip. In Control Panel, select System and Security, and then under BitLocker Drive Encryption, select Manage BitLocker. The Surface Go is a traveler's best friend, providing lightweight, powerful computing on the go. In this tutorial we’ll show you 2 simple methods to turn off / disable BitLocker on Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10. At any time, you can disable BitLocker on your Surface Pro, Surface Book, or Surface Laptop with the same steps, but in this case the click the Turn off button in step No. I have surface pro 4 and its locked forever, whenever I turn it on, always on "Bitlocker recovery screen", even I choose boot from USB , it will always go on Bitlocker recovery screen first, I can't get bypass it, I want to do a clean installation The following list outlines how this happens: When a clean installation of Windows 10 is completed and the out-of-box experience is … If you encrypt your Windows system drive with BitLocker, you can add a PIN for additional security.You’ll need to enter the PIN each time you turn on your PC, before Windows will even start. This passage will introduce top 6 ways to disable BitLocker on Surface Pro/Book/Studio with Windows 8/10. La fonctionnalité de chiffrement de lecteur BitLocker Windows permet de chiffrer un ou plusieurs volumes (lecteurs) attachés à votre ordinateur et d'utiliser un Module de plateforme sécurisée (TPM) pour vérifier l'intégrité des composants qui démarrent en premier.