Frequently Asked Questions

🌿 We offer natural treatments that respect your body, in harmony with the environment 🌿

☎️ Do not hesitate to call us or send us an SMS to make an appointment or for any information:

  • Idyl St Gilles 0498 74 92 09 
  • Idyl Mérode 0468 36 77 00 

💳 To make an appointment online, you must encode a payment method but you will not be charged! You will pay when you come.

🎁 Want to pay with a gift voucher? Make an appointment online, you will not be charged and you will pay by giving your gift voucher, during your appointment at the salon

🌿 You can find many more explanations about our treatments at

❌ Cancellation Policy:
- you cancel less than 24 hours in advance = 70% will be charged
- you cancel 24 hours in advance = 50% will be charged.
If you give us proper notice, we can cancel/reduce the cancellation fee.

👧🏽 If you want a particular beautician, you must indicate it when you make your appointment. We reserve the right to change the beautician selected if you have not specified your choice.

🤰🏻 All our treatments are adaptable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, please mention it in the comments when making your appointment

🔑 We sometimes work with the front door locked, no worries, we know you have an appointment and will come and open you up quickly.

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